Why we choose automatic Facebook post promotion

It’s not a secret we have created AdYeet – a tool that automatically promotes Facebook page posts. Before we used tools made by others, but they were too expensive and had features we actually didn’t need – that’s why we decided that creating our own auto-boost tool made sense.

Saving time

This is probably the most important reason. Promotion of one post can take 5-10 minutes if you do through ads manager (much more options than what you get through “Boost post” button – if you have a page that has one post per day it’s at least 30×5=150min (or 2,5 hours). Now imagine that there are more posts or multiple pages you have to work with.

Weeding out mistakes in promotions

If you create tens of promotions per month, chances are you’ll make some small mistakes and won’t even notice ever or until it’s too late. This thing is solved with automatic promotion – you do set-up once and after that you can be sure that every post will be promoted exactly as you need it to be.

Much more effective budget vs. reach ratio

Even if you don’t need the very specific targeting options and are ok with “Boost post” button and it’s offered features, there’s one issue with this if you are promoting multiple posts simultaneously – each post is done as a separate campaign, which means you are competing against yourself and effectively increasing CPM (or CPC) for yourself. Our tool puts all the posts (ads) in one adset so they work as one campaign and Facebook optimises the better posts for wider reach and engagement (whichever is your goal).

Budget control

After you create an automatic campaign and set the daily budget, you can always be sure that monthly spend won’t exceed

daily budget x 30 = monthly budget

on all your advertising of page posts. This is much simpler than trying to keep track of numerous campaigns and separate budgets.

We hope this made things more clear. Comment if you have any questions.