Our pricing models are based on set number of hours per month required for every client and media budget management fee. While there is standard approach that is implemented with every client, larger media budgets require more attention, more A/B testing and more thorough analytics set-up and reporting. In case you have any questions regarding any of our pricing plans or more general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out at sales@groundfloor.lv. We also provide other services which are not included in these pricing plans (social platforms, content marketing etc.)

Digital strategy is included in all the pricing plans.

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In case contract is discontinued before 6 months have passed GFD can charge a strategy & set-up fee which otherwise is included in the monthly price (depending on complexity of set-up usually between 50-100€ per month).

*Analytics package includes set-up of:

**GFD performance marketing means enhanced approach to marketing that uses data about various customer segments and implements A/B testing to continuously improve performance of active marketing campaigns against cost per purchase/registration/lead.