Places in Riga we frequent, love and recommend

From time to time somebody asks for recommendations on what to do and see in Riga. While we ourselves mostly spend our time in bars/cafes/restaurants (which we can and will suggest), there are also some must-see spots to learn and understand Riga & Latvia better. These are worth a visit! We made it into a google list so you have easier access to it:

NB! We strongly recommend visiting Riga in summer.


Stock pot – lunch spot with one of the best price/performance ratios in town. Different menu every weekday and our favourites are Wednesdays (chilli con carne) and Fridays (mussels soup & chicken makkani). There might be a line if you come around lunchtime, but it moves fairly well and is worth it.

Andalūzijas suns – a local staple that has been around for god knows how long and it looks like they’ll continue just like that, because with that interior, food and drink options it is equally suited for nice dinner, work lunch and Saturday’s aperol spritz in its terrace which is one of the nicest in town.

Drinks (we prefer beer)

Kaņepes kultūras centrs – Our favourite spot for when the weather is nice. Their yard in the middle of center always has good vibes and great selection of beers and other drinks you might want. A DIY place founded by people with deep roots in culture, human rights and all the other good stuff. If you can visit only one place and the weather is good, make it this one.

Labietis – local brewery’s bar with one of the nicest backyard terraces in town. Beer tastes are different, but we usally go for one of their IPA’s or one of lighter options if it’s still early. Soho švītiņš is the usual choice.

B bārs – one of the oldest bars in Riga that keeps everyone coming for their food (great lunch offers & dinners) and drinks after a workday. Their location in the heart of Riga’s old town definitely helps. If you’re up to a little party, check in on Friday/Saturday night – great cocktails & DJs will make sure your night is great.

Tallinas street quarter – opinions on this spot differ, but we still find this to be a good option for a lazy and warm afternoon. Of course, it had a chance to become very artsy and hip, but with its food choices and open air seating, it’s still a great spot to have a drink of choice and do some “people watching”.

Herbarijs – when the streets of Riga become too much, it’s time to go up. Located on a mall’s roof, this place let’s you see rooftops of Riga in a much more chill atmosphere. They are very good at cocktails, but will be happy to serve a beer as well. Cheers! 😉

Learning opportunities

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia – It’s a museum about Russia really and gives a first-hand insight on why Latvia’s eastern neighbour should always be treated with caution.

Latvian National Museum of Art – it’s mostly pictures. Locals tend to visit it for the themed periodical exhibitions which tend to be very interesting.