Our Location

We’re operating from Riga, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

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Ivars Auce

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Maris Antons
+371 26124578

Rīga, Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 33, LV-1026
Swedbank, AS

About Us

Started from the bottom now we’re here – website and all. 

On a more serious note – we really love what we do. Just like in every relationship, our dealings with digital marketing have their ups and downs. Mostly we know what we do, but there are also those things we call “lessons”. We’ve had a couple of those. And it’s normal because, you know, there’s still a lot to learn – just as in any relationship, if we knew everything and were never surprised, we would probably be bored. 

And as soon as we get bored, we will shut this thing down immediately. Not that it looks like it might happen any time soon.


They’re all reachable. One way or another. 

The ones in picture are in Alaska. We hope to go there someday.


We are always very open about what we do, how much we spend and how we perform. That’s why we have moved from monthly reports to daily reports or do marketing dashboards.

No Bullshit

We shape the digital marketing scene – that’s why we don’t do things we don’t believe in, view as unethical or just see as unprofessional.

Plan, test, reiterate

A/B testing is integrated in everything we do. We don’t always hit home runs with the first swing, but the more we do, the more data we have for next steps.


This is foundation for everything – we want to do the best work possible and that is not possible if one of the sides wants to gain more from the relationship than the other.