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Why we choose automatic Facebook post promotion

It’s not a secret we have created AdYeet – a tool that automatically promotes Facebook page posts. Before we used tools made by others, but they were too expensive and had features we actually…


Putting marketing back into social media posts

If I had a dollar each time I saw shitty posts from various pages on Facebook, I wouldn’t have any interest in writing this blog post, but since I’m not getting paid for that, the next bes…


facebook post boosts

How much to spend on facebook boosted posts

This is a question I get all the time and have never known the right response. The problem is that every company is different by size, marketing budget and various other things. So, by now you probabl…


digital performance marketing

What is performance marketing in digital world

What is performance marketing and why everyone should look into it? While definitely not for everyone, most companies should be more aware of this approach to digital marketing. It might seem expensiv…


tracking website visitors

Website analysis checklist for great analytics set-up

There are so many possibilities and options when it comes to website analytics – it can be quite frustrating to decide which services should you include in your analytics/tracking set-up and which w…


Website analytics and visitor tracking – start now

Most companies that say they do analytics usually have Google Analytics on their website. Sorry to break this to you, but it’s not enough. Here are a couple of reasons why. Not to worry – if y…


New page

It’s rainy in Riga today. Kinda grey. This website is going to look like October 14th, 2017.