What is digital performance marketing – plain and simple

digital performance marketing

What is performance marketing and why everyone should look into it? While definitely not for everyone, most companies should be more aware of this approach to digital marketing. It might seem expensive at first, but it also brings measurable and (mostly) better results in the long run. Setting clear goals This is the cornerstone of […]

Website analytics checklist – the tools we use

tracking website visitors

There are so many possibilities and options when it comes to website analytics – it can be quite frustrating to decide which services should you include in your analytics/tracking set-up and which would be an overkill. Over years of work we have worked with clients in very different industries and with very contrasting goals and […]

Three levels of goals in digital marketing – how to choose yours

Before we go into digital strategy and to build upon our previous post that took a look at importance of analytics, it’s very important to define and set goals. Goal setting is the most important aspect of digital strategy because without those you can’t evaluate anything else. The good news is that digital marketing channels […]

Website analytics and visitor tracking – start now

Most companies that say they do analytics usually have Google Analytics on their website. Sorry to break this to you, but it’s not enough. Here are a couple of reasons why. Not to worry – if you’re like most companies you can easily fix this and when the time comes you’ll be well equipped. So […]